Brandon Orozco

Director of Quality

Brandon Orozco is from Southern California. Specifically, a small town named Yucaipa, which is at the bottom of Big Bear. He is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Management. The reason why he loves learning about Psychology is that everyone is different.Therefore, recognizing this fact helps him to connect with others because he can understand them on a deeper level. Because of that, he wants to go into Human Resources because he wants to apply what he learns in the workplace. Also, Brandon has experience in the Hospitality industry where he served as a kitchen worker, buffet runner, and laundry attendant. Even though these positions are not desirable, he is proud to have held these jobs because it taught him about work ethic. For instance, Brandon developed work ethic because he was pushed beyond what he could have imagined that he was capable of doing. For example, it taught him about time management, responsibility, and interpersonal skills. In particular, he learned more about interpersonal skills because he realized that employees share the same experiences as everyone else. Because of this, Brandon was able to observe the workers and see how they handle situations. In the same way, the lessons that he gleaned from them carry over to what he is currently doing. Today, Brandon is the Director of Quality for TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity which means that he is in charge of the rules for the event. Brandon decided to pursue this position because he wanted to get a foot in a door for his future. In other words, Brandon knew that this role was something that he could pursue because it allows him to have a place within the team. For instance, Brandon knows it is an honor to serve with tomorrow's leaders and is grateful that he gets to spend time with these amazing individuals. Moreover, Brandon has the opportunity to use his knowledge of Psychology in this role because he sees how upper management contemplates. For this reason, Brandon is continually learning how to understand anyone that he meets because of the opportunities that he is blessed to pursue. With this said,everything that Brandon commits to is to build his future from the ground up. For example,Brandon views his journey as climbing a staircase because it requires effort, perseverance, and humility. The reason is that he starts at the bottom and progressively makes his way up to the top. To illustrate this, Brandon did not start out in the Honors College in a university, come in with a high GPA, and never heard of Honor Societies such as Psi Chi and NSCS. However,through hard work and patience, Brandon was invited to join the Honors College, has a 4.0 GPA,and is involved in both Honor Societies. Overall, Brandon is excited to see what the future has in store, and knows that he will continue to climb because he feels that is his purpose.