Jedidiah Woods

Director of PR

An overblessed man who is thankful for this beautiful life. There are several things he has been blessed to work on. He likes to see things differently and loves to do things he has never seen done before. He tries to love as best he can and build things that help people. He is currently a full time college student pursuing a few start ups. He also co-founded TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity 2017 and help direct it. He has a part time job as a photojournalist, capturing pictures of people and writing their stories. He is outgoing, energetic, weird, unique, and different, with a track record for embracing new challenges and a spirit of innovation. Driven to achieve business results and contribute to the success of the team as well as excellent interpersonal skills and a positive outlook. He is a very resourceful and creative problem solver, driven to altruistic success through a passion that does not waiver. He also did some small business consulting for a small start up business that went through SeedSpot Next. His passion is people and their stories and he loves to see them pursue their dreams. He is truly too blessed.